GL Palmer & Co

Registered Accountants & Auditors

GLP Secretarial Services CC

Our entity is equipped to ensure that all statutory documents and records of your company is compliant with the Companies Act. Providing experienced and efficient professional team to take care of your company secretarial work so that you can remain safe in the knowledge that you remain compliant and your affairs and corporate governance is adhered to.

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Services we provide include:

  • Registration and formation of Companies, External Companies, Shelf Companies (including the necessary changes associated thereto)
  • Change in directors, company secretary, auditors, registered office, financial year end and public officer
  • Converting the old Memorandum and Articles of Association to the new Memorandum of Incorporation and required by the Companies Act of 2008
  • Conversion of Close Corporation’s to Companies
  • Attending to changes to Close Corporations
  • Change of name of both Companies and Close Corporations, including the reservation of names and defensive names
  • Attending to all changes relating to the share capital of Companies (share transfers, share allotments, increase in share capital, buy-back of shares and any other related services)
  • Submission of Annual Duties
  • Attending to the registration of transfer of shares regarding stamp duty to the South African Revenue Services
  • Deregistration of Companies

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