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A very common question that is asked at the end of one’s articles is: “Where to from here?”

At the end of your studies, including completion of your training contract, you are now equipped to enter the corporate environment.

Your qualification, together with your training, can be seen as a key that can open many career opportunities. As a well-rounded individual you are very marketable and are in a position to be selective about the position you are going to be applying for.

At the end of your training contract, provided you have completed your studies and written and passed all the required exams, you will be able to register with the various professional bodies and benefit from such accreditations.

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Career opportunities would include:

Remaining in the profession with the aim of becoming a partner at an already established firm, or even establishing your very own practice.

You may choose to join a company, or any other entity, and be employed as an accountant, and with the skills you possess, your growth within the corporate environment will be exponential, and very rewarding. In no time you will be elevated to managerial positions.

You may also choose not to directly practice as an accountant, whether in public practice or in the corporate environment, the knowledge and skills you have acquired will provide you with a very stable platform for whatever venture or career you wish to enter.

As an entrepreneur, the knowledge and skills in interpreting financial information, together with managing people, you have developed will assist you in your business decisions and provide you with sufficient insight to becoming a success.

Your opportunities are endless and your potential infinite.

As a trainee, you will start as a junior. As you gain more knowledge and experience, you will be promoted to semi-senior and finally to senior. However, ir doesn’t end there. Once your training contract comes to an end, a number of opportunities exist for you to further your career. This will include being elevated to audit supervisor and with time and experience to audit manager. The ultimate position, to become a partner at the firm, is also a distinct possibility.

Finally, congratulations on your achievement. May you find hope in every challenge, success in every venture, pride in every accomplishment, and may every step you take lead to a future full of promise and rewards.

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