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The practice has taken the decision to assess its BEE position and if necessary, make certain changes to its composition and business processes in order for compliance to be achieved. This process will be undertaken on the following understanding that:

GLP recognises that there is a need for an economically active sector in South Africa to establish parameters within which there can be some sort of redress for the economic disablement of certain groups in the past.

GLP understands that it is able to contribute, in some way, to this redress.

Empowerment is not simply about compliance, but to provide a genuine opportunity for business driven empowerment and transformation.

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The practice doesn’t entertain any form of window-dressing in order to achieve compliance.

The practice will not compromise its historic commitment to be an equal opportunity firm, with no glass ceilings, for any perceived group. Merit always has been, and always will be, recognised as the primary driver behind the selection and promotion of employees.

GLP’s goal is not merely to be compliant, but to achieve true transformation, which has to be sustainable, justifiable and to make business sense.

The elements of the existing culture of the practice, which make the firm unique, and which enhance customer satisfaction, should be preserved.

From an Employment equity perspective, there is generally a split between employment levels, into the following categories:

-Top management (excluding partners)
-Senior officials, professionals and managers
-Associate professionals
-Clerks/trainee accountants
-Labourers and elementary occupations

GLP is firstly an audit firm, which is run by the partners, and secondly a small entity, which doesn’t accommodate this exact split withinits own structure.

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Description Partners Professionals & Managers Clerks & Admin Staff
White male 3 6  
White female 1 7 2
Non-White male 6 3
Non-White female 6 2
Total 4 25 7

GLP has invested a considerable amount of money and time in the skills development of its employees. However, because of the nature of the business of the practice, it is not always possible to provide essential core training for professional employees as a high degree of competence and skill is required for the work that is done by each employee within the practice.

Each person within the practice is given an opportunity to increase their skills in a direction, which would benefit both the employee as well as the practice.

GLP believes in the promotion from within, wherever possible. GLP fundamentally believes that attitude and aptitude are qualities that are more difficult to acquire than skills, and therefore when it believes that it has found a suitable candidate, it will impart the necessary skills, through training, to accomplish the task at hand. It is in this spirit that GLP has successfully trained members of the support staff team into professional positions within the practice.

Because of the fact that GLP is an audit firm, most of the training takes place, with all employees, on an ongoing basis. The audit profession, by its nature, is ever-changing and developing. New developments are communicated to all professionals within the practice regularly, and the opportunity is afforded to discuss these developments. This “on the job” training continues throughout the career of every accountant in practice, as it is necessary for him or her to maintain

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GLP supports the transfer of knowledge and skills, and thus has a number of initiatives, which include:

-The professional staff within the firm are committed to knowledge transfer, and accept invitations to present talks on various issues.

-GLP publishes a tax bulletin annually, as well as a number of other informative documents, at its own cost. These are distributed to its clients free of charge.

-GLP, as a firm, has adopted an ethos of being responsible corporate citizens.

We assist a substantial number of non-profit organisations by not billing all time spent, and so indirectly assist them in furthering their objectives.

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Equity Status

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