GL Palmer & Co

Registered Accountants & Auditors

The Practice in general

GL Palmer and Company, Registered Auditors, Chartered Accountants (SA).

Certainly this describes the practice and what its functions are, but it doesn’t tell the full story.

While accounting and auditing services form the core on which the practice is built, the practice also provides comprehensive advise and assistance with regard to tax matters, estate planning, corporate restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions.

In addition, the practice is able to administer deceased estates, evaluate business and investment decisions and also to perform investigations.

Our clients not only enjoy peace of mind that their affairs are dealt with in a professional and efficient manner, but also that their business interests as a whole, are evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Through a continuous endeavour to better understand our clients’ operations, we are able to put forward suggestions to improve internal and accounting controls and increasing the company’s operational performance.

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Dealing With Taxation

Dealing with the increasing complexities of taxation requires experience and knowledge of ever changing legislation. There are a multitude of pitfalls applicable to different types of taxpayers, including companies, close corporations, partnerships and estates, to name but a few.

With our in-depth understanding of these laws, we at GLP pride ourselves in being able to provide a specialised tax service to our clients.

Further, having identified the need for specialist knowledge, we have established a separate tax department, and employed staff having the necessary skills and competence to provide the best service possible. Here one can rest assured that one will receive prompt and up to date advice and guidance.

Sound tax planning is vital to both businesses and individuals, to optimise opportunities. We also provide continuing advice and information that can affect critical business decisions.

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